ADEA Lifestyle Suites Fieberbrunn

Welcome to Fieberbrunn!

Crystal-clear mountain air. Snow-covered peaks. A panorama out of a picture book. And right in the middle of it all: your lifestyle suite in Fieberbrunn in an absolute top location. Exactly where traditions meet with the modern and relaxation is omnipresent. Our project offers you the unique opportunity to purchase one of the Lifestyle Suites at ADEA Fieberbrunn. Professional management ensures attractive returns. If you want to come yourself, simply book any unit in the house via the intelligent Owner Awards system. All you have to do is sit back and dream of your next holiday in Fieberbrunn.

The ADEA Lifestyle Suites Fieberbrunn are located in a luxurious, 4*-superior facility right next to the valley station of the Fieberbrunn mountain railways. In winter, you enter one of the largest and most attractive ski areas in the Alps, the Skicircus Saalbach-Hinterglemm-Leogang-Fieberbrunn, right on your doorstep. Wind your way down the slopes on 270 kilometres of ski trails and enjoy the perfect conditions for white winter sports. Always in sight: the striking Kitzbüheler Horn.

Location ADEA Lifestyle Suites Fieberbrunn

Location, location, location

The ADEA Lifestyle Suites are located directly at the valley station of Skicircus Saalbach-Hinterglemm-Leogang-Fieberbrunn. For a relaxing break or at the end of an exciting day of skiing, the last leg of the journey takes you directly to the sun terrace of the ADEA restaurant. Here you can enjoy an aperitif in a casual atmosphere and taste homemade delicacies.

The enchantment of winter

The Skicircus Saalbach-Hinterglemm-Leogang-Fieberbrunn is right on the doorstep of your suite and many other ski resorts are in the immediate vicinity, for example Kitzbühel with the world-famous Streif ski race track where the Hahnenkamm race takes place. You guessed it: pure skiing fun awaits you here!

  • Skicircus Saalbach-Hinterglemm-Leogang-Fieberbrunn
  • 270 kilometres of slopes
  • Right next to the valley station of the Fieberbrunn mountain railways

Unforgettable summer

Fieberbrunn and its surroundings leave nothing lacking for hikers and mountaineers! Numerous hikes await you here – from the demanding summit tour to the leisurely panorama or mountain hike, there is something for everyone. The reward? The impressive panorama over the gentle ridges of the grass mountains and the peaks of the Kitzbühel Alps.

  • 400 km of hiking and walking trails
  • Great summit tours, for example the Henne summit, Buchsteinwand summit or the Wildseeloder
  • Numerous huts with cosy sun terraces
  • Exciting, themed hikes and educational trails
  • Guided tours with local guides

Welcome golf fans!

In the district of Kitzbühel around the ADEA Lifestyle Suites, numerous picturesque golf courses await your tee-off. Always with you: the fantastic mountain panorama.

  • Kitzbühel Golf Club (approx. 20 km)
  • Lärchenhof Golf Club (approx. 20 km)
  • Wilder Kaiser Golf Club (approx. 23 km)
  • Kaisergolf Ellmau Golf Club (approx. 24 km)
  • Kitzbühel-Schwarzsee-Reith golf course(approx. 25 km)
  • Golf Eichenheim (approx. 25 km)
  • Golf course Urslautal (approx. 30 km)
  • Golf club Gut Brandlhof (approx. 31 km)

ADEA Lifestyle Suites

Ski-in/Ski-out: directly at the valley station of the Skicircus Saalbach-Hinterglemm-Leogang-Fieberbrunn

Children’s slope und practice slope for skiing right in front of the front door

Modern suites and lodges with one to four bedrooms – furnished and equipped to a very high standard

Wellness area with pool, swimming pond, and saunas

Restaurant und bar with culinary delights, wines, cocktails, etc.

Fantastic view of the Kitzbühel Alps

Underground car park with e-charging stations, lockable ski and bicycle depots with direct access to the slopes

Endless experiences right on your doorstep – in summer and winter

Attractive returns through a professional operating concept


Purchase prices and additional expenses

Suite Unit Floor Size Bedrooms Bathrooms Parking spaces Extras Purchase Price
TOP A101A173,31 m²212sold
TOP A103A172,62 m²1.521saunasold
TOP A104A136,53 m²111sold
TOP A105A169,58 m²111sauna€ 459.900Details
TOP A106A138,92 m²111sold
TOP A107A180,18 m²212sold
TOP A108A138,58 m²111sold
TOP A109+A110A1104,74 m²2.522sold
TOP A111A135,84 m²111sold
TOP A112A169,59 m²111sauna€ 439.900Details
TOP A114A137,41 m²111sold
TOP A201A273,31 m²212sold
TOP A203A272,62 m²1.511saunasold
TOP A204A236,53 m²111sold
TOP A205A269,59 m²111sauna€ 489.900Details
TOP A206A238,92 m²111sold
TOP A207A280,87 m²212sold
TOP A208A239,96 m²111sold
TOP A209A269,59 m²1.511sold
TOP A210A235,84 m²111sold
TOP A211A236,53 m²111sold
TOP A212A270,28 m²111sauna€ 474.900Details
TOP A214A238,60 m²111sold
TOP A301A339,95 m²111sold
TOP A302+A303A3106,11 m²222sold
TOP A304A336,53 m²111sold
TOP A305A369,59 m²111sauna€ 514.900Details
TOP A306A338,92 m²111sold
TOP A307A380,87 m²212sold
TOP A308A339,96 m²111sold
TOP A309A369,59 m²111€ 514.900Details
TOP A310A335,84 m²111sold
TOP A311A336,53 m²111sold
TOP A312A370,28 m²111sauna€ 499.900Details
TOP A314A338,60 m²111sold
TOP A401A439,95 m²111sold
TOP A402A469,58 m²111€ 544.900Details
TOP A403A436,53 m²111sold
TOP A404A436,53 m²111sold
TOP A405A469,59 m²111sauna€ 544.900Details
TOP A406A438,92 m²111sold
TOP A407A480,87 m²111saunasold
TOP A408A439,96 m²111sold
TOP A409+A410A4105,43 m²222sold
TOP A411A436,53 m²111sold
TOP A412A470,28 m²111sauna€ 529.900Details
TOP A414A438,60 m²111sold
TOP A501A564,41 m²111sold
TOP A502A587,58 m²111sauna€ 674.900Details
TOP A504A561,69 m²111€ 479.900Details
TOP A505A550,13 m²111sold
TOP A507A580,10 m²111saunasold
TOP A510A574,19 m²111fireplacesold
TOP A511A550,14 m²111sold
TOP A512A561,64 m²111€ 459.900Details
TOP A514A575,51 m²111€ 549.900Details
TOP B220B237,94 m²111sold
TOP B221B268,24 m²1.511sold
TOP B222B235,84 m²111sold
TOP B223B286,43 m²212fireplacesold
TOP B225B279,77 m²212fireplacesold
TOP B226B235,84 m²111sold
TOP B227B268,91 m²1.511sold
TOP B228B265,27 m²111fireplacesold
TOP B320B337,94 m²111sold
TOP B321+B322B3104,77 m²2.522sold
TOP B323B387,17 m²212fireplacesold
TOP B325B380,51 m²212fireplacesold
TOP B326+B327B3106,13 m²222sold
TOP B328B364,57 m²111fireplacesold
TOP B420B437,94 m²111sold
TOP B421+B422B4106,12 m²222saunasold
TOP B423B487,17 m²212fireplacesold
TOP B425B480,51 m²212fireplacesold
TOP B426+B427B4106,13 m²222sold
TOP B428B464,57 m²111fireplacesold
TOP B521B557,87 m²111sold
TOP B522+B523B5133,86 m²222fireplace + saunasold
TOP B525+B526B5133,86 m²222fireplace + saunasold
TOP B527B557,87 m²111sold
TOP C230C298,85 m²222fireplacesold
TOP C231C238,66 m²111sold
TOP C232C258,53 m²111fireplacesold
TOP C233C257,38 m²111fireplacesold
TOP C234C238,27 m²111sold
TOP C235C2101,06 m²222fireplacesold
TOP C236C235,21 m²111sold
TOP C237C235,50 m²111sold
TOP C238C261,43 m²111sold
TOP C330C398,85 m²222fireplacesold
TOP C331C339,61 m²111sold
TOP C332C358,53 m²111fireplacesold
TOP C333C357,38 m²111fireplacesold
TOP C334C338,98 m²111sold
TOP C335C3101,06 m²222fireplacesold
TOP C336C335,21 m²111sold
TOP C337C335,50 m²111sold
TOP C338C361,43 m²111sold
TOP C430C498,85 m²222fireplacesold
TOP C431C459,70 m²111fireplacesold
TOP C432C458,10 m²111fireplacesold
TOP C433+C434C4117,04 m²222fireplacesold
TOP C435C4103,44 m²222fireplacesold
TOP C437C435,37 m²111sold
TOP C438C461,50 m²111€ 439.900Details
TOP C531C574,31 m²111fireplacesold
TOP C532C574,57 m²111€ 599.900Details
TOP C535C5172,28 m²222fireplace + sauna€ 1.349.900Details
TOP C537C553,15 m²111sold
TOP C538C537,11 m²111sold
TOP L601Außen1125,68 m²333fireplace + sauna€ 989.900Details
TOP L602Außen1125,68 m²333fireplace + sauna€ 999.900Details
TOP L603Außen1125,68 m²333fireplace + saunasold
TOP L604Außen1151,80 m²434fireplace + saunasold

Additional costs

  • Transfer tax 3.5% of the gross selling price
  • Land register entry 1.1% of the gross selling price
  • Contract preparation costs and trusteeship 1.7% of the gross selling price plus cash expenses and certification fees

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